Millenia Global


Our Mission

Generate and encourage job opportunities for women and equal pay.

Give opportunities to a younger age group. A fresh breath of ideas and working techniques.

Our Vision

To be a leader in providing the Nepal market with multinational brands and making sure it is reasonable enough to be sold pan Nepal.

Providing after sales services for products for maximum customer satisfaction for their loyalty to our brands and trust in us for bringing them these brands.

To make each of our partner brand a leader in its respective category.

Our Values


In the business world, we are all faced with integrity-based choices on a regular basis. Doing the right thing and being accountable for it is what we believe in at Millenia Global.

Customer experience

The experience of the customer is the only way we will know how to take our company forward and provide them with more.

Work culture

Employee satisfaction is equally important to us. Better employee communication helps us build a stronger company culture making the workplace even more accepting, helping employees be clear and consistent. Team work makes the dream work.


We strive for confidence and integrity in our partners, customer and colleagues.